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What Makes MasterCraft Boats the Best ?

You demand nothing but the very best in your boat and for 40 years MasterCraft has answered your demands. Putting it all on the line is what this company is all about. With that in mind here are just a few reasons why MasterCraft boats truly are Held To A Higher Standard!

People are always asking "What makes a MasterCraft the best?" The simple answer is a little bit of everything! There are so many things, big and little, that add up to make a boat that is superior in construction, fit, finish and performance. While that may sound like a bold statement it is backed up with more awards and world records than all of our competitors combined!

Every piece of a MasterCraft boat is built to exact specifications and the best way to achieve these specs from boat to boat is to hand lay the fiberglass. Not happy with the inconsistencies provided by fiberglass chopper guns (tour the competitons factory to see them in action) MasterCraft has blazed ahead of the competition by building their boats piece by piece and by hand ensuring that every MasterCraft exceeds all of your expectations. Hand laid boats are more durable, more consistent and provide a level of response that provides you with years of performance, durability and safety. Every MasterCraft features fiberglass seat bases instead of carpeted plastic making your boat easier to clean and less likely to hold onto excess water.

MasterCraft utilizes the highest grade gel coat and an experienced team of application specialists Hand cut fiberglass allows each boat model to be built to exact specifications. Unlike boats built with fiberglass "chopper guns" each boat built is monitored to meet exact tolerances.
Hand Laid Fiberglass Provides Exacting Consistency For A Lifetime Of Use  Snap Out Carpet and Fiberglass Seat Bases Make MasterCraft Boats Easy To Clean And Less Likely To Hold Extra Water Which Can Cause A Stink
Hand Laid Construction Using The Highest Quality Fiberglass Creates Long Lasting Durability.

Waterproof wire connections provide a secure connection. No electrical tape here, these connections are designed to hold up to bumps, jostles and huge waves. In addition to its superior energy transfer each connection is waterproof  ensuring that every component on your boat is at your fingertips when you need it and that every light stays bright as long as you own your boat.

 Waterproof Wiring Harnesses Provide A Superior Connection And Years Of Trouble Free Use  Interior Lights Create A Comfortable Setting On Late Nights Cruises

Each piece of hardware in a MasterCraft is securely fastened to stainless steel, High Density Poly Ethylene or a stainless steel insert. By making sure each piece of your boat is positioned for a lifetime of use you can rest assured that your MasterCraft will not rattle, sway or bow over time allowing you to stay focused on your family and friends. Seems like common sense, but then again most companies simply ignore this attention to detail and quality.

 Secure Connections On EVERY Piece Of The Boat Ensures A Rattle Free Day On The Water
Go ahead, give it a squeeze, poke or prod. Every seat in a MasterCraft boat is made of puncture resistant vinyl. Letís face it, accidents happen but in a MasterCraft a misplaced fin doesnít mean you need a new seat. The heavy gauge vinyl is built for years of use and its advanced design resists fading and mildew. Heck, even the drain plugs are designed for a lifetime of use. Advanced composites make the drain plug and drain itself corrosion resistant whether you use your boat in fresh water, salt water or anything in between!
Even MasterCrafts upholstry and seating is built in house allowing for the ultimate in luxury appoinments.
 Durable yet Supple MasterCrafts Upholstery Is Everything You Would Expect In A Premium Luxury Boat  Even The Drain Plug Is Built To Survive The Harsh Marine Environment Begging The Question, Why Ism't Everyone Doing This?

Alright, so the boats are built to the highest quality standards on earth, but what about the engines. MasterCraft offers a complete lineup of premium grade engines marinized by Ilmor. While the competition lets their marketing department do the talking Ilmor is run by engineers who crank out the best performing engines for MasterCraft, NASCAR, P1 and Indy Car! With 5.7, 6.0 and 6.2 Liter engine options available you are sure to find the engine that fits your needs perfectly, and like every engine in a MasterCraft since 1994 these are fuel injected V-8ís. Fuel injection provides you with better fuel economy, sure starts and increased horsepower making every day on the water the very best that it can be. Featuring high flow Air Filters, throttle by wire, standard cruise control systems and heart pounding low end torque that the competition just can't match these motors are as powerful as they are reliable. Because a system is only as strong as its weakest link all MasterCraft boats feature a a CNCíd prop with a splined shaft for superior durability, power transfer and performance ensuring that you get the absolute best in handling.

Ilmor Marine, Exclusive MasterCraft Engine Partner from MasterCraft Media on Vimeo.

Ilmor Marine MV8 Engine  New School Technology Provides More Power Than The Competition

A day on the water just isnít complete without your tunes. With that in mind MasterCraft offers every one of their boats with a sound system designed for the unique demands of a marine environment that has no equal in terms of sound quality. Equipped with a Sirius Capable stereo, with CD player and standard MP3 input you can play tunes straight from your Ipod or other music storage devices. The Stereo system comes standard with a remote control allowing you to pump up the volume from almost anywhere in the boat. Hard wired stereo remotes can also be located at the driverís seat and at the transom.

 Sirius Radio With CD Player Connect With JL Audio Speakers and Amps  Control The Stereo From Almost Anywhere In The Boat With The Included Stereo Remote Control
MP3 Connectivity
Trim pieces on a MasterCraft are designed for a MasterCraft. These are no mere afterthoughts but pieces designed to accentuate your boats styling and set it apart from ordinary run of the mill boats. Tie up your boat with MasterCraft embossed docking cleats which drop down for a clean look when not in use.  Close off the cool air with the billet aluminum walkway door enclosure. Optional tower mounted speaker, speakers with lights or light pods are available for you MasterCraft wakeboard tower and they integrate seamlessly for a clean look and superior durability.

Recessed Docking Cleats With Embossed Logo Provide A Secure Connection While Docking  Billet Aluminum Door Closes Off The Bow Keeping You Extra Warm On Late Night Cruises and Early Season Sets
Wakeboard Tower Mounted Speakers, Lights and Speakers With Lights Allow You To Customize Your Boat

2011 MasterCraft Construction from MasterCraft Media on Vimeo.

Buy The Best From The Best
Everything we do is for you! Both Midwest MasterCraft and MasterCraft boats have been recognized for their long standing commitment to total customer satisfaction. We are proud to announce our sixth induction into Boating Industry's Top 100 Dealers Award. Others claim to be as good as a MasterCraft but their customers are not saying the same!!!
Park your trophy on a pedestal! MasterCraft Boat Trailers Are The Best In The Business.

Not only does MasterCraft construct its boats to exacting standards they build their own trailers too. Not many companies design, build and color match each one of their trailers to their boats, but then again MasterCraft is not like most companies.


The Boat Buddy Loading System makes loading and unloading your boat a snap. Simply put the holding pin in the set position and drive your boat on. The Boat Buddy automatically locks the holding pin into place securing your boat onto the trailer. Since each trailer is made for each boat you have a safe and secure system that makes trailering your boat almost as much fun as cruising around the lake.

  Trailers Are Welded In House Ensuring The Best Fit For Your Boat Making Trailering Your Boat As Easy As Pie  The Boat Buddy Makes Loading and Unloading Your Boat A Breeze And The Envy Of Every At The Launch 
The standard issue prop guard with built in rollers, L.E.D. brake and reverse lights, folding tongue and electronic brake release allow you to tow and store your boat in ease. In addition, the color matched fiberglass fenders will never rust and feature a non-skid traction pad to make clearing the gear out of your boat quick and easy.

Featuring A Prop Guard With Rollers For Added Protection To Your Boats Underwater Gear  The Folding Trailer Tongue Shaves 18" Off Of The Overall Length For Easy Storage In Your Garage
L.E.D. Lights Never Need Disconnecting While Backing Your Trailer Into The Water   Simply Shift Your Tow Vehicle Into Reverse And The Trailer Brakes Disengage For Effortless Backing
MasterCraft Boat Trailers Are Custom Built and Painted To Match Your Boat Perfectly.
Each boat in the MasterCraft lineup is designed to meets its goals perfectly. MasterCraft does not "cross platform" hulls making them available in both a direct drive and a V-drive. Each hull is designed with engine placement in mind to provide you with a boat that performs optimally for you needs.

Constructed To Be The Best Boats On The Planet. Many Claim To Be "As Good As" But With Lesser Quality Components, Fiberglass and Construction They Just Don't Add Up!  MasterCraft V-Drvies Are built As V-Drives. Period.
MasterCraft V-Drives are designed as V-Drives so they handle perfectly in all situations. You wouldn't expect your car to handle correctly if you simply put the engine in the trunk so why do some boat companies build the same boat as a direct drive and a V-drive?  
MasterCraft Boats Offer More Safety and Performance Than Runabouts, Speed Boats and Conventional Outboards.
Inboard Boats Offer More Saftey To Swimmers Than I/O's and Outboards
Inboard boats by MasterCraft offer more safety to swimmers than I/O's and outboards because the propeller is located under the boat and away from persons in the water. Standard runabouts can't offer the level of saftey that comes standard on EVERY MasterCraft.
MasterCraft Boats Have A Shallower Draft Than Comparable Runabouts
MasterCraft inboard boats offer a shallower draft than conventional runabouts allowing you to run in shallower water with increased safety and confidence. Tilt and trim features can't match the shallow draft and ease of use that MasterCraft offers.
Increased Handling, Turning Radius and Performance Are Just Several Of The Benefits Offered By MasterCraft Boats.
MasterCraft boats offer increased handling and a tighter turning radius than standard I/O's and runabouts meaning more fun and more safety for you and everyone aboard. In a MasterCraft you turn only a rudder as opposed to a large outdrive making it easier to drive AND handles better.
Power Takes a Direct Route To The Prop For Better Driving, Stability and Handling
The standard fuel injected power of a MasterCraft takes a direct route to the propeller meaning little to no loss of power like in an I/O. In addition, the fewer moving parts means less maintenance and more time on the water which is what owning a boat is all about.
Midwest MasterCraft Minnesotas Best Watersports Dealer!!!
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