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Trim and Surf Tab Installation by Midwest MasterCraft

Midwest MasterCraft specializes in custom installation of trim and surf tabs on all brands of inboard boats including MasterCraft, Supra, Moomba, Gekko, Correct Craft, Nautique and Malibu. Our fully customized system not only gives you a factory look you can rest assured that it will perform optimally for your boat. Let our professional Service Department create a system that works seamlessly with your boat to help you create the perfect combination of performance, handling and wake customization.

Trim tabs allow you to adjust your boats wakeboard and ski wake by creating adjustable lift on the transom of your boat. Many boats see increased performance in planning, rough water handing and wake characteristics. Our custom trim tab installation will allow you to fully adjust your boats running attitude, tweak your wakeboard wake and minimize your boats slalom wake making it a true multi-sport performance machine.
 Trim Tab and Underwater Lights

MasterCraft Trim Tab

MasterCraft 210 Trim Tab

Surf tabs allow you to dial in your surf wake by creating adjustable body roll and wake sculpting ability. If you are looking for optimal surfing conditions no matter what the conditions you need surf tabs on your boat. No other transom mounted device allows you the precision, side to side adjustability and wake shaping performance of professionally installed surf tabs.
Moomba Surf Tab Installation