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MasterCraft Boats Factory Tour

MasterCraft boats are the best built, best performing boats on the water. This winter we stopped by to get a "behind the gel coat" look at what makes MasterCraft better than the competition. Come along with us as we tour the factory to see ProStar, X-Series and V-Series MasterCraft boats being built and ready for years of use!

MasterCraft Boats Are The Best
If your boat is not a MasterCraft you're about to wish it was!

Every boat starts with a meticulously cared for mold. 3 molds to be exact! The hull, deck and stringer system are all made in house. Each mold is meticulously maintained to ensure that every boat has a rock solid construction and the deep luster offered in the worlds best luxury performance boats.
ProStar Hull Mold X-Series Deck Mold
MasterCraft Hull and Deck Molds

The above hull and deck molds are being prepped for gel coat. The two parts will be built separately and won't be  put together until after rigging is complete. MasterCraft boats utilize a "liner" construction with an integrated "grid" stinger system. This produces a superior ride and uncompromising fit and finish.
MasterCraft Stringer Molds
MasterCraft Stringer System Mold

The stringer system is the "backbone" of the boat as it provides rigidity to the hull. Unlike the competitions stringer system which supports the boat front to back only MasterCraft uses a "grid" configuration. The grid provides front to back AND side to side support. This additional support is crucial for boats that will be pounding through big waves!

Stringer Being Gel Coated Hull Being Gel Coated
MasterCraft Stringer System and Hull Being Gel Coated

The above photos illustrate the stringer system and hull being gel coated. Gel coat lines are taped off before being sprayed and will make up the color of the entire boat.

MasterCraft build Sheet
Build sheets follow the boat down the production line to ensure that the boat is built exactly to dealer specs.

Precsion Cut Fiberglass Hand Laid Fiberglass, Stringer
Precision cut fiberglass is hand laid to create a superior product. Hand laid fiberglass allows MasterCraft to dictate the overall integrity of each location on the stringer, deck and hull by changing the fiberglass mat. By hand laying fiberglass strong areas are strong and light areas are light producing the best finished product. Some companies choose to use "Chopper Guns"  to build their boats. Chopper guns spray fiberglass randomly, while cheaper to use, they do not allow for the type of precision expected of MasterCraft boats!

Hand Laid Fiberglass, Hull MasterCraft Hull Lamination
These MasterCraft boat hulls are just finishing their fiberglass construction. Note the hull lamination in the photo on the left. Chopper guns CAN NOT allow for this kind of attention to detail!

SprayCore Being Applied SprayCore on the Deck Too!
After lamination the deck and hull receive a layer of SprayCore. This coating provides for added vibration and sound deadening in the boat providing a smooth ride in all conditions.

Trevera is added Trevera provides suprerior screw retention
Next Trevera is laminated around the perimeter of the hull. Trevera provides excellent screw retention when the hull and deck are mated together. No boater likes loose screws and MasterCraft boats ensures this won't happen on their boats!

Wire Harness Holders Decking Prepped For Rigging
The deck is fitted with all of the hardware necessary for rigging. PVC tubing is glassed into place, these tubes will serve as a routing point for wire harnesses, power cords and the like. Additional supports for the floor and a steel "yoke" is glassed into the walkway to ensure the boat does not flex when riding through rough water.

MasterCraft Windsheild Mounts Steel Walkway Yoke
MasterCraft boats utilize aluminum backing plates for their tower mounts. These plates are fiber-glassed right into the hull to ensure a lifetime of durability. The above left photo illustrates this plate (windshield mounts too!). Some companies use plastic mounts for their towers and others simply "glue" their windshields in place. When it comes to durability no one matches MasterCrafts dedication to fit, finish and performance.

MasterCraft Stringer System Hull Being Prepped For Stringer Installation
Now its time for the stringer system to be bonded to the hull. The hull is sanded to increase the adhesion process. Once sanded Weld-On is layered into the hull.

Stringer System Being Pressed In Stringer System and Hull Mated
MasterCrafts Grid Stringer System Is Pressed Into Place, During and After

The Stringer system is trimmed and pressed into place. Large weighted presses ensure that the stringers form a solid bond with the hull. Excess Weld-On is feathered around the stringer system to ensure that water can not get in between the stringer system and the hull.

Drainage Through Stringers MasterCraft Stringer System
The stringer system not only forms the "back bone" of the entire boat it also functions as a ballast tank holder and drainage system. Note the drainage holes drilled through the center of the stringer system. This attention to detail helps to keep your boat performing in peak condition for as long as you own it. Because the motor will mount directly to the stringers MasterCraft DOES NOT USE HOLLOW STRINGERS (some competitors do!).

MasterCraft Drilling Jig Deck Drilling
MasterCraft Precision Drilling Jigs on Transom and Deck

Next the deck and hull are precision drilled. MasterCraft uses a jig system to ensure that each hole is accurately placed. This attention to detail is crucial when creating the worlds best boat as every strut, platform bracket, lifting ring and cleat are identical boat to boat. Many of the competitors still use a measure once, drill once (or twice!) method which leads to inconsistent results and a sloppy appearance.  

MasterCraft Ballast Tank Installation MasterCraft Carpet Installation
MasterCraft In Floor Ballast Tanks and Carpet Being Installed

From here ballast tanks, carpet, through hull fittings and lifting rings are installed. Note that the ballast tank sits below the floor and in the stringer system creating the strongest ballast system possible.

MasterCraft Wire Harness Stereo Equipment Installed
Rigging of wire harnesses, electronics and operating systems are done prior to the deck and hull being mated. Note the PVC rings guiding wires directly and efficiently through the deck. Many companies eliminate this step and opt for a cheaper "zip tie" approach which fails over time and makes adding aftermarket stereo systems difficult.

MasterCraft Rigging Station MasterCraft Dash Installation
The dash, stereo system and all electronics are completed as the deck rolls down the assembly line. Grab handles and other deck fittings are installed at this time.

MasterCraft Ilmor Engine Being Installed Ilmor Marine V8 Engine
MasterCraft uses the highest quality marine V8 engines from Ilmor. Ilmor engines feature performance oriented calibrations and reliable top mounted starters and alternators. Each boat will later be lake tested to ensure a your boat runs at peak performance.

MasterCraft Rub Rail Installation MasterCraft Deck and Hull Completed
Next technicians secure the deck to the hull. Each screw seats securely into the Trevera that was laminated into the hull earlier during construction. The increased screw retention provided by this material means your boat is built for a lifetime of boating enjoyment.

MasterCraft Drivers Seat Assembly MasterCraft Upholstery Shop
Upholstery pieces are built and installed in house allowing for maximum customization and unparalleled quality.

MasterCraft Tower Assembly Zero Flex Flyer Tower Assembly
MasterCraft towers are built to withstand years of use in a marine environment. Unlike cheaper towers that utilize a powder coat finish that can (and will) scratch MasterCraft uses anodized aluminum. By anodizing the tower parts MasterCraft ensures the tower will not oxidize or corrode prematurely.

MasterCraft Boats, Finished Product MasterCraft Power Tower
The boats are now ready for their lake test by a MasterCraft Technician.

MasterCraft Boat Ready To Ship
The final step is to protect the boat for transport. Here, another satisfied customer sees his boat off of the assembly line and on its way to another awesome summer!